Douglas George Allen
Greetings Web Programmers!

My name is Douglas G. Allen. I'm from De Kalb, IL USA and this is still my home.


I'm running an old Compaq with Windows XP Home Edition that was purchased at Radio Shack in 2002.
I had a Dell that I got from my sister untill it got zapped by lightning. Now I use that OS on the Compaq.

I have VMWare Player installed so I could do some Linux too. I am used to using a Debian version
known as MEPIS.

In my face book timeline you can see more about things I've done in the past.
I used to love to build things in electronics.

I have an extra class amateur radio license but I don't do that much with it. I could point someone in the right direction
though if they were interested in obtaining one. I started with classes from my local radio club.
Try to find one near you and I'm sure they could help you. Watch your newspapers.

I have an Associate of AS degree in Electricity and Electronics Technology from Kishwaukee College, IL.
I also had military training in radio repair before that. It was called a Communications 2841 MOS.


My favorite is pizza. I also like Italian, MexTex, and Oriental.

Contacting Me

Use my facebook to message or get my email id.

Send me your gist links so I may comment on them.

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