Douglas George Allen
Greetings Web Programmers!

This was an assignment for RubyLearning Web Programming. It's a static page running on github pages.


I'm running an old Compaq with Kali Linux that was purchased at Radio Shack in 2002.
I had a Dell that I got from my sister untill it got zapped by lightning.

Right now Kali is a Debian version called Wheezy and is an update of

In my face book timeline you can see more about things I've done in the past.
I used to love to build things in electronics.
I've done assembly and repair work for many products.

I have an extra class amateur radio license but I don't do that much with it. I could point someone in the right direction
though if they were interested in obtaining one. I started with classes from my local radio club.
Try to find one near you and I'm sure they could help you. Watch your newspapers.

I have an Associate of AS degree in Electricity and Electronics Technology from Kishwaukee College, IL.
I also had military training in radio repair before that. It was called a Communications 2841 MOS.

These days I'm busy learning what I can about Ruby by reading books and searching the web.

I tend to post a lot of stuff about Ruby and projects on my github account.


My favorite is pizza. I also like Italian, MexTex, and Oriental.

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